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WINTER TIRE CHANGE: what you need to know!

We all know Canadian winters are tough! So, prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season and stay safe on the road by installing your winter tires. Our specialists at Docteur du Pare-Brise are here to remind you of what you need to know regarding winter tire change! Here’s a summary of different regulations regarding winter tires.

1.What time of year are winter tires mandatory in Quebec?

Your winter tires must be installed by December 1st. This deadline has been around since 2019, and many don’t seem to be aware of it! In fact, previously, the deadline was set for December 15th. You must keep you winter tires on your vehicle until March 15th inclusively, otherwise you may be fined. Note that this law concerns any motorized road vehicle registered in Quebec, other than a heavy vehicle, a tool vehicle, or an agricultural machine.


These dates are determined by law and therefore represent the minimum period to put install your winter tires. It is recommended to have them installed at the end of October and to remove them by April. This way, you don’t risk a fine, you avoid being at the last minute and you drive more safely. We all know that in Quebec, the weather never ceases to surprise us! Better to be prepared earlier than later!

When the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, winter tires become the best option!

2.Can the offender face a fine?

The answer is YES! And the fine is steep, ranging from 200$ to 300$. So, don’t delay in planning to change your tires and make an appointment today with the specialists at Docteur du Pare-Brise!


3.What makes a winter tire?

A winter or studded tire bares this pictogram and is used in accordance with the Regulation respecting the use of non-skid devices on the tires of certain road vehicles.

Stay safe on the road! Don’t wait till the last minute and contact us now to book your appointment!