Docteur du Pare-Brise

Now, that’s a specialist!

For more than 25 years in Québec, Docteur du Pare-Brise has been an important network specialized in sales and installation of Auto Glass with car and truck accessories for any type of vehicle.

Either if your windshield  needs to be repair or replace, if you want to buy new tires , a car starter or anti-theft system installed, a fiberglass truck caps, if you need wheels, tires, lights, audio products,  air deflector,  or a hitch, the Docteur du Pare-Brise and GAS Performance experts will graciously recommend our new products and latest technologies.

The range of products offered by Docteur du Pare-Brise and GAS Performance gather all the prestigious automobile accessories together, to make our stores a one stop shopping experience for all ages of clientele.

Docteur du Pare-Brise, now that’s a specialist!

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