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Rain repellent treatment

Increased visibility and reduced glare means safer driving.
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Driving in our harsh weather conditions isn’t easy. Rain, sleet, and snow reduce visibility and make it more difficult to gauge the distance between your vehicle and others. Your best solution is a rain repellent treatment for your windshield. Your Docteur du Pare-Brise now provides two options for rain repellent treatment - Aquapel® and iTEKT (new!)


Aquapel® rain repellent treatment creates a chemical bond with your glass so precipitation beads and flows off your windows like magic! You’ll see much more clearly, especially at night. Here is what the Aquapel® rain repellent treatment can do for your windshield:

  • Remarkably reduces headlight glare from oncoming cars at night
  • Remove ice and snow faster
  • Clean dirt, insects, and other residue more easily
  • Improves visual clarity by more than 35%
  • One application can last several months

For the most advanced water repellent treatment possible for your windshield, consider iTEKT water repellent. Based on nanotechnology, iTEKT compound fills up the microscopic holes in your windshield. When it dries, it’s like an invisible, ultrathin layer of glass that makes your windshield smoother and provides the highest level of water repellent available.

  • Last up to one year, depending on driving frequency and weather conditions
  • Invisible
  • No fog, halo effects or streaks
  • Superior resistance to ice formation
  • Made from natural components

Be more comfortable and safe while driving at night, especially in bad weather, and reduce the risk of getting into an accident. Get the Aquapel® or iTEKT rain repellent treatment on your next visit to your Docteur du Pare-Brise store!