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Windshield replacement

Your windshield can save your life. Trust the windshield specialists!
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Did you know that your windshield is responsible for up to 70% of the structural integrity of your vehicle and is the third most important safety feature after seat belts and airbags? Trust your windshield replacement to the specialists at Docteur du Pare-Brise. Our technicians are the most highly trained in the industry and are up-to-date on the latest windshield replacement technologies and techniques. They use the most advanced and most reliable equipment available.

Don't Choose a Lower Quality Windshield

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The safety of you and your passengers is our highest priority. That's why we use only Original Equivalent Equipment (OEE) windshields, installed to manufacturer safety standards. Choosing a lower quality windshield can result in optical distortion, water and wind infiltration, and structural defects that can weaken the glass and become more susceptible to cracks. All our windshields receive the same quality testing as car dealers and are accepted by the insurance industry.


Our technicians go through a rigorous process to ensure the highest quality windshield installation for your vehicle and are highly trained.
Inspection: We inspect the crack(s) to determine if it is repairable. If we can save you time and money, we will!
Protection: We protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle with covers and remove the wiper blades.


The impact of a collision can cause an improperly installed windshield to come off the vehicle, potentially injuring or killing passengers and/or bystanders. We use the highest quality of adhesives available to prevent this from happening. All adhesives we use go through crash tests and meet FMVSS 208, 212, and 216 standards. This includes:
FMVSS 208 Occupant Crash Protection: The windshield must be able to withstand the force generated by the passenger-side airbag deployment.
FMVSS 212 Windshield Mounting: The windshield must protect passengers in the event of a frontal collision.
FMVSS 216 Resistance Crush Resistance: The windshield must help support the roof to reduce the risk of collapsing in the event of a vehicle rollover accident.


Most new vehicles come equipped with ADAS systems. The cameras and sensors used by these systems are installed behind the windshield and must be calibrated after a windshield replacement and brought back to their original settings. Proper calibration is crucial to your safety. We guarantee proper camera calibration, thanks to our ongoing training program for technicians and state-of-the-art equipment.


Often a chip in your windshield can be repaired and not require the windshield to be replaced. And believe it or not, we would rather save you time and money if the chip or crack in your windshield can be replaced. To learn more about getting your windshield repaired, click here.


We take care of all insurance claims. All you have to do is bring your insurance documents with you to your appointment and pay the deductible, if any. We'll handle the rest. It's a promise! Click Here to learn more.


Our Securi-Clear® warranty covers any future windshield repairs at no cost to you or your insurer and no insurance claims. Click Here to learn more.