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Our deflectors protect your vehicle and look great!
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Don't let the poor quality of the roads in Quebec or bad weather damage your vehicle. Your Docteur du Pare-Brise carries a variety of both hood and window deflectors that are guaranteed to fit your vehicle.

Hood Deflectors

A hood deflector protects your hood and windshield from road debris and bugs, additionally, it reduces wind noise. Our deflectors are molded and custom made, UV resistant, require no drilling, and are easy to install. Available in black or chrome, they not only provide protection, but they look amazing!
Popular brands we carry include AVS, Stampede, Tough Guard, EGR, and Putco.

Side Window Deflectors

Side window deflectors are a nice visual touch and also help channel water away from your car interior and the molding of your window. Deflectors are specific to each window, come in black or chrome finish, and are easy to install. Some even fit inside the window for a more streamlined look!
Popular brands we carry include Stampede and AVS.