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Headlights, taillights, and reverse lights

From halogen to Xenon to LED, we have every light for your vehicle.
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On today's vehicles, the head and tail lights are built into the design of the vehicle for improved styling and performance. There are many options for lighting currently offered, however the most popular lighting system today is without a doubt the LED system.

LED Lights

The most recent addition to the lighting world, these are even more powerful than Xenon lights, but have less glare and are easier on the eyes. In the past, only reserved only for high-end vehicles because they require very little energy, they are now considered as original equipment on most vehicles. Small in size, they have multiple applications and allow manufacturers to design different and smaller head and tail lights. If your vehicle is equipped with a halogen lighting system it is possible to convert to LED.


  • Low Energy consumption
  • Even longer life than Xenon lights, up to 50,000h
  • Small sizes that allow for customization
  • The most powerful light available
  • Comfortable for other drivers

Reach : About 300m
Looking for a LED conversion kit? Learn more here

Halogen Lights

These lights are the most common. They are traditional bulbs with filaments that are easily replaceable.


  • Average lifespan (more than 1,000 hours)
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Affordable

Reach: 100m - 150m

Xenon Lights

Utilizing Xenon gas for illumination, these lights are recognizable with their white/bluish color. They are powerful and long lasting, but must be installed correctly as they may blind other drivers.


  • High power and light intensity
  • Sharp, focused light beam
  • Long lifespan (2,000h+)

Reach: +/- 220m

Your local Docteur Du Pare-Brise store has a wide variety of lighting types and styles and our specialists would be happy to help you find the right lighting option to match your style and vehicle.