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Truck bed liners

Protect your truck bed from just about anything.
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From a load of cinder blocks or gravel to a cord of wood or camping gear, a truck bed liner or mat will make your life easier and also protect your bed from getting dented, scratched, or worse. But what’s the difference between a truck bed mat and a truck bed liner? Both protect your truck bed, but here are some important considerations.

Truck Bed Mats

Truck bed mats are durable, flexible, easy to install, and fulfill a variety of functions. Advantages include:

  • Easy to clean
  • More affordable than a bed liner
  • Offer protection to the bed but not as much as a bed liner
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Come in standard sizes (which you can trim/customize), but can be custom-made for your truck.

Some of the disadvantages are that truck mats aren’t as durable as bed liners, cargo tends to shift more, the mat itself can shift, and it doesn’t offer full protection for your truck bed. Bear in mind that it’s not water tight and corrosion or rust can build up beneath the mat.

Truck Bed Liners

Truck bed liners are another popular choice. Drop-in liners are custom-molded for each truck and “drop in” to the bed of your truck, where it is fastened into place. There are many advantages to having a truck bed liner, some include:

  • Full protection of your truck bed and can include the tailgate as well
  • Cargo doesn’t shift (if properly secured)
  • Cleanup is easy
  • Long lasting
  • Non-slip
  • Can be installed with gasoline can storage pockets
  • Made of high-density polyethylene

Remember that bedliners are mostly considered permanent, therefore your choice has to be the right one. Stop by your Docteur du Pare-Brise store and one of our technicians will help you choose the option that’s best for your hauling needs and budget.

We are proud partners with the Rugged Liner brand.