A windshield should always be in good condition. Did you know that it represents 70% of the interior protection of your vehicle? It is therefore essential that it performs its job properly, to protect passengers. A simple break can reduce the visibility and be a distraction to the driver. A damaged windshield may also require a complete replacement if it is not repaired in time. It is also good to know that many insurers do not consider a repair as a claim therefore it has no impact on your annual premiums. So, why wait? Come have your windshield repaired, it only takes a few minutes.

With the importance of the windshield in the structure of today's vehicles, we know that the satisfaction and safety of our customers are the most important aspects to consider. That is why in the event of a complete replacement, we use only high quality adhesives, while respecting the standards of the market so that the vehicle contains the same original properties.

ou and your passengers can now feel in security again thanks to the experts at Docteur du Pare-Brise

Repairing windshields is also an important aspect of the work done in our store. If your windshield has a slight crack, do not wait before consulting one of our experts.

A windshield repair is fast, affordable and can preserve the windshield for several years, avoiding that it turns into major cracks and no longer repairable.


Consult our specialists for free to evaluate if your broken windshield requires a quick repair or replacement!

A windshield or a self damaged or cracked glass is a danger to your safety. Note that in many cases it is possible to repair the windshield without having to replace it. To avoid the growth of the fisure, we must act as quickly as possible by injecting a colorless resin to fill the crack.

Here are the methods used by Docteur du Pare -Brise, to detect whether it is possible to repair your windshield :

- The circumference of the crack does not exceed a two-dollar coin;

- The crack is not in the drivers' field of vision;

- The damage to the windshield is limited to the outer layer of the glass;

- The crack does not go in the ceramic strip (black - gray border );

- The impact point should be at least 3 cm from the edge of the windshield.

Don't wait the smaller and recent the chip is, the more likely you can repair your windshield.

Docteur du Pare-Brise specializes in repairing and replacing windshields and all the automotive glass; including side windows, rear windows, headlights, mirrors, and more.


Why repair a windsheild ?

- A damaged windshield reduces the quality of your vision and can make your driving dangerous;

- A repair can save you money. If you are insured, for your safety, we will repair your windshield FREE OF CHARGE;

- When repairing your windshield, Docteur du Pare-Brise helps in reducing the number of discarded windshield into the environment.

Did you know that in most cases, a repair will not affect your insurance premium?

At Docteur du Pare-Brise , we use the best windshield repair system which is the auto360 (Supplier PH Auto Glass). This repair system uses a syringe to remove air from cracks and then by pressure injecting, a transparent liquid resin within them. Thus, the glass is as safe as the original, because it is essential that the windshield is always repaired properly to perform its protective functions.

Docteur du Pare-Brise, now that's an expert!